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A graphing calculator is an important tool that is necessary in many different Mathematics classes. Using a TI Graphing Calculator emulator will allow you to do the same calculator operations on your computer!

[edit] Installation

Installing the emulator is easy. First, download the emulator software from:

http://education.ti.com/educationportal/sites/US/productDetail/us_sdk_73_83_84.html (TI-83 Plus SDK)

After downloading, run the setup program to install the software. After installation, you may be prompted to reboot your computer. Reboot if necessary.

[edit] Using the Emulator

After installation, you should have an icon on your desktop (and in your start menu) to launch the TI-83 Plus Flash Debugger. After launching the application, start a new session and open the calculator interface using the following menu actions:

  • File - New - Select a calculator to use and click OK.
  • Debug - Go
  • View - Calc On Top (optional)

You now have a fully functioning TI graphing calculator on your PC!


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