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Here are some guidelines you should follow when editing the wiki. You can click on edit above to see how this page was made.

[edit] WikiWords

Please use Wiki Words when creating new pages, and link to them by enclosing the name of the page with double square brackets, as below:

  • [[Main Page]]

External links will show up with a small globe on the default theme, and we don't want that showing for internal links! External links can be created by just typing the full URL of the link.

[edit] Headings

Please use the different headings for section headings rather than using bold or italics. To create a heading do something like this:

  • = Heading Level 1 =
  • == Heading Level 2 ==
  • === Heading Level 3 ===
  • ==== Heading Level 4 ====
  • ===== Heading Level 5 =====
  • ====== Heading Level 6 ======

Level 1 headings are used for page titles. Please start your headings at level 2.

[edit] Lists

Please use the list facilities when creating lists of items. You can create lists by using an asterisk or a pound sign.

  1. List item 1
  2. List item 2
  3. List item 3

[edit] Source Code & Commands

You can show source code snippets and commands to be written with a single space at the beginning of the line. To keep a sentence or word from being interpreted by the wiki, use the <nowiki> and </nowiki> containers.

#!/usr/bin/env python

    Say hello to the world!
    This is a multi-line comment.

def hello(name):
    print "Hello, " + name.capitalize() + "!"


[edit] Table of Contents

To disable the table of contents, put __NOTOC__ on a line by itself somewhere in the page.

[edit] More Information

Lots more info on editing can be found at

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