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[edit] Welcome to the Edinboro University Computer Science Wiki !

This Wiki was created as a communication tool for students using the Edinboro University Computer Science labs.

In the past, new students often learned to depend on the experience and helpfulness of upperclassmen. While at the same time, new and old students alike came to learn of department activities through messages on the board in the Doucette Lab. And so, the wiki was created in hopes that the level of communication and resources available to students can be increased. Please read Guidelines for editing the wiki.

Feel free to add information where you see fit by clicking on the edit links above.

You must have a validated account before you can add or edit pages. (Contact Jason for account privileges)

Notice: The CS Windows and CS Linux logins have been combined! The CS Linux machines now authenticate against the CS Windows domain! This means that there is only *one* CS username and password to remember. Please see the topic of Logging in to Linux for more information on CS user accounts.

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